dolly parton's
imagination library
at MRH ecc


1 book a month mailed to your home from MRH ECC enrollment to 5 years old

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting program that mails high-quality books every month to children up to five years old. The program is focused on inspiring a love of books and reading for all preschool children. 

In 2018, Nikylan Knapper, then the co-chair of the MRH ECC PTO, had an idea to bring Imagination Library to the ECC. She had relocated from Tennessee where the program is available to all children and was disappointed it was not available in our area of St. Louis. After a year of hard work the MRH ECC PTO was able to engage in a 5 year agreement to fully fund Imagination Library for all MRH ECC students up until their 5th birthday. 

1st Friends - 5th Birthday

Students become eligible as young as the first friends program and can sign-up anytime they start MRH ECC up until their 5th birthday.


Each month a book will be addressed to your child and mailed to the address you enter upon sign-up for the program.

how to sign-up

if you did not sign up during registration scroll down and sign up via our online form.

no cost to families

The program is fully funded by MRH ECC PTO and made possible through a partnership with the United Way of greater St. Louis.

Multiple kids

Each child you have enrolled in MRH ECC up until 5 years old is eligible to receive their own books, books will vary by age group as well.



Imagination Library Books samples

Here’s a sampling of books received by MRH ECC students. 

We would love to see pictures of your kids enjoying their imagination library books! Please share them in the ECC PTO Facebook group (MRH ECC PTO).

Imagination Library at the ECC is fully funded by the MRH ECC PTO and made possible through a regional partnership with The United Way of Greater St. Louis.

From left to right: Wray Clay, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, United Way of Greater St. Louis; Dr. Cyndi Hebenstreit, Principal, MRH ECC; Nikylan Knapper, MRH School Board Director; Laine Schenkelberg, Chair, MRH ECC PTO; Vivienne Schenkelberg, future Imagination Library book recipient